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Stop & Go is a thrill for animation, filmmaking and contemporary art audiences. The work is heady and humorous and brims with rewards for an engaged audience. It is a wonderfully curated program that so many were glad to see and others were shamed for  having missed.

Hesse McGraw, Program Director The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, Nebraska

…an exhilarating array of new films and videos stretching the boundaries of cinematic possibilities.  As a regional programmer, it’s hard to keep up with the full international range of new work being made.  Sarah Klein assembled a great array of contemporary animated works that allowed Filmforum to provide its audience with the latest and best.  The audience really liked the show and the opportunity to meet three filmmakers afterwards.  Most importantly, the films are just really good and experimental.

Adam Hyman, Programmer, Filmforum, Los Angeles, California

My gallery which is usually attended by a quiet art-loving crowd was transformed into a filled-to-the rafters event by the Stop & Go film fest. They laughed they cried, but the total joy of it inspired us to do many more events like this.

Richard Lang, President, Electric Works Gallery, San Francisco, California

What’s so special about Sarah Klein’s animation video program Stop & Go is her capability of mood arrangement in curating a program. Film curating is not only about the selection of films dealing more or less with the same subject, but it’s also about establishing an order of films, which makes sense and let the films fit together with each other. Therefore a curator can produce a curatorial flow, which Sarah Klein has done so well in her Stop & Go program.

Cornelia and Holger Lund, Directors, Fluctuating Images, Berlin

Stop & Go was an innovative way in showcasing new techniques in stop-motion animation.  The event offered viewers an experience like no other where artists and filmmakers experimented using bare essentials addressing satirical yet humorous work on social, economic, and political commentary.

Markus Tracy, Coordinator, Office of Cultural Affairs, Las Vegas, Nevada

We started setting up the exhibition space for the Stop & Go Rides Again show and we thought that 60 seats were too optimistic. Eventually, we had to add chairs and people still had to sit on the floor. It was a great success this combination of audio-visual animations with art pieces from the very same filmmakers, art which extended the animations in a certain way… and the audience loved it!.

Florian Härle, Curator, Interventionsraum, Stuttgart

The Stop & Go show is a must see! Sarah has a wonderful eye and talent for curating an interesting, engaging and downright fun animation show. She gives artists and filmmakers a forum to experiment and express themselves and audiences always enjoy the wonderfully creative results. We love it and look forward to hosting the Stop & Go show again in the future.

Susan Sharman, Gallery Director, Studio Quercus, Oakland, California

The kids were totally engaged and thrilled with the process of making animation and judging by the enthusiasm with which they shared their completed videos with their parents they were quite proud of their accomplishments. In the evening the gallery was transformed into a magical world. It was a visual and aural journey of abstract color fields and electronic beats. The films were intriguing with a narrative line spinning their stories with a musical pulse. I think the evening audience was just as engaged and thrilled with the process as were the kids in the afternoon

Harvey Brody, Director of Education Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, California

Aurora Picture Show 1

"Stop & Go 3-D was a fun feast for the eyes with a wonderful selection of films that employ a variety of mesmerizing techniques."

Mary Magsamen, Curator, Aurora Picture Show, Houston

Aurora Picture Show 2

"During my research I came across ‘Stop & Go 3-D’, and was intrigued by the experimental nature of the films included in the programme, and also that other forms of 3D experimentation were being examined, as well as traditional anaglyphic works. The resulting screening of Stop & Go 3-D in QUAD's Box cinema space was very well attended, with many visitors commenting on the breadth of techniques and high quality of work on display."

Peter Bonnell, Curator, QUAD, Derby


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Nowadays, young filmmakers use software like Stop Motion Pro and MonkeyJam to simulate the organic, roughshod techniques of Harryhausen, Will Vinton, or Art Clokey, but stop-motion is still not for clockwatchers. It's for those who can lose themselves in the wrinkle of an eyelid or the shift of a pencil mark, the type of person who might see beauty in the slow rise of naturally leavened bread. No surprise, then, that the curator of the "Stop & Go" animation exhibition is local "bread artist" Sarah Klein.

Silke Tudor, April 2, 2008

San Francisco is chock full of high-tech computer animation companies, but it's hard to forget classic stop-action animation — the technology that produced Gumby, Heat Miser, and many, many attempts at DIY claymation. Oakland-based video artist, illustrator, and animator Sarah Klein brings it all back home with this evening of stop-motion shorts created and produced by an international group of artists and filmmakers, each of whom mold the medium to their individual stories and ideas. Micro-narratives, political commentary, and visual observations all transform via the old-fashioned, time-consuming, stop-and-go treatment.

Connie Hwong,  Flavor Pill, March 31, 2008
Stop & Go, a shorts program assembled by Bay Area filmmaker and artist Sarah Klein, brings together a cadre of gifted artists who apply detail-oriented diligence to whimsical and poignant concepts.

Michael Fox, SF Weekly, May 1, 2009


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Generous support for Stop & Go has been provided by these organizations.
Zellerbach Family Foundation
Headlands Center for the Arts
Southern Exposure
Trust for Mutual Understanding
Fluctuating Images
Intersection for the Arts (Fiscal Sponsor)

Many thanks to Pierogi Gallery, Ratio3 Gallery, Bi-Rite Market, Croatian Film Club, Niels Post, Jeroen Kuster, Alex Jacobs, Florian Härle, Iemke van Dijk, Guido Winkler, Rudolf Maximilian Becker, Leonhard Hurzlmeier, Dr. Cornelia Lund, Dr. Holger Lund, Kathryn Kenworth, Mel Prest, Vanja Hraste, Jamie Brunson, Laurie O’Brien, Christina Maria Pfeifer, Holly Blake & David Kwan.